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The slave is choked by Daidra

The slave is choked by Daidra
Daidra is a really hot girl and wears some tight black underwear. Her slave knees infront of her and she is very angry. What a useless whimp! She brings him down on the ground and sits down on his chest. In her hands she holds some leather handcuffs. Because the [...]

Inessa sits down on her slave and chokes him

Inessa wears a really small and tight jeans mini skirt. To round up the nice view she also wears a hot black top. And her tits also look very hot…! But the slave wasn’t allowed to stare so much so she has to punish him now! She tells him that he never do this again [...]

Hot Jana uses the slave to satisfy her desires

Jana is a really nice and hot girl. And very cute too! But she also likes to choke defenseless slaves and makes fun of them. So she soon sits down on the slave, spreads her legs and grabs the neck of the slave. It is really difficult for him to breath now. But she wants [...]

Blonde Michelle dominates her helpless victim

Michelle is a sexy young model with long blond hair. She wears some tight jeans and a hot looking top. You can easily see her nice big breasts. She sits down on the slave and presses her knee on his chest. He raises his arms to handle the pain. But you can guess that she [...]

Sarah chokes and strangles the slave

Sarah wants to have some fun today. She wears a hot black dress. She stands above the slave and holds a rope in her hands. The slave awaits her with some fear in his eyes. Soon she sits down on his chest and starts to choke the slave. First she starts with one hand only [...]

Caught under Tine

Tall Lady Tine sits on her victims throat and choking this poor guy with her body weight. What a sexy wet attitude!

the latest strangling Videos

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Katja and Ljuba punish a poor guy

Cool new Strangling Video with Mistress Katja & Ljuba. A lot a Strangling with a rope and with hands, choking with legs and more….. video

Suffer little loser

hard Domination with Lady Manuela… Caught between her legs she strangles him with sitting on his throat. Suffer Little Loser! Cool Strangling and Choking. PICS

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Oh Lady Mercedes… Choke me!

OH OH LADY Mercedes you are so great… If I lose my life under you ass and feet It will be a great way to go! Strangle me, choke me, kill me!

Hard Teenager Femdom

Hard Teenager Femdom. Young mistress Manuela strangles and chokes him with her hand and feet and with sitting on his throat! The Girl is pretty brutal!

She sits on him, She smothers him

This little worthess victim has no chance under the weight of LADY KATRHIN .. the tall mistress smothers him with the weight when shes sitting on him…. suffer little loser! SITE

Choked by tall Mistress Svenja

This guy is choked a sexy way by Mistess Svenja. Strangling with her powerfull Hands and choking with sitting on his throat… PICS

Playing with his breathing

Fantastic new VIDEO with LADY SVENJA choking and strangling this guy under her Ass and with sitting on his throat & more…..
She s playing with his breath…. I she doesnt want ..breathing is not allowed!

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