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The slave is choked by Daidra

The slave is choked by Daidra
Daidra is a really hot girl and wears some tight black underwear. Her slave knees infront of her and she is very angry. What a useless whimp! She brings him down on the ground and sits down on his chest. In her hands she holds some leather handcuffs. Because the slave tries to struggle she uses the handcuffs to tighten his hands. Now he cannot move anymore. She sits down at him, chokes and smothers him in a lot of different positions. At the end she also uses the chain of her handcuffs to strangle him even further – In his eyes you can easily see how difficult it is for him to breath…!


Inessa sits down on her slave and chokes him

Inessa wears a really small and tight jeans mini skirt. To round up the nice view she also wears a hot black top. And her tits also look very hot…! But the slave wasn’t allowed to stare so much so she has to punish him now! She tells him that he never do this again without permission. And to teach him a lesson she bows down to grab his neck and to choke him. His eyes look very unhappy but she continues to take him the ability to breath. After a while she also sits down on him spreading her legs and grabs his hair. She makes him to look into her eyes – this way he will learn to follow her orders, that’s sure…!


Hot Jana uses the slave to satisfy her desires

Jana is a really nice and hot girl. And very cute too! But she also likes to choke defenseless slaves and makes fun of them. So she soon sits down on the slave, spreads her legs and grabs the neck of the slave. It is really difficult for him to breath now. But she wants to enjoy every second and see the pain in his face. So she bows down her head and further increases her grip – now she can easily see how much problems he has to breath. But she wants to test some other positions too! So she sits down on his neck with her hot ass too…

Blonde Michelle dominates her helpless victim

Michelle is a sexy young model with long blond hair. She wears some tight jeans and a hot looking top. You can easily see her nice big breasts. She sits down on the slave and presses her knee on his chest. He raises his arms to handle the pain. But you can guess that she wants to have some more fun and that this is the beginning only. So she bows low and starts to choke him with her hands. Her breasts can be seen easier now, but the slave cannot enjoy the nice view. Instead he has to fight for every breath! At the end she also sits down on his neck with her pussy in jeans and humiliates him even further…!


Sarah chokes and strangles the slave

Sarah wants to have some fun today. She wears a hot black dress. She stands above the slave and holds a rope in her hands. The slave awaits her with some fear in his eyes. Soon she sits down on his chest and starts to choke the slave. First she starts with one hand only but then she uses her other hand too. The slave has some problems to breath soon but it seems that it is not enough for her. So she also uses the rope to strangle him…!