The slave is choked by Daidra

The slave is choked by Daidra
Daidra is a really hot girl and wears some tight black underwear. Her slave knees infront of her and she is very angry. What a useless whimp! She brings him down on the ground and sits down on his chest. In her hands she holds some leather handcuffs. Because the slave tries to struggle she uses the handcuffs to tighten his hands. Now he cannot move anymore. She sits down at him, chokes and smothers him in a lot of different positions. At the end she also uses the chain of her handcuffs to strangle him even further – In his eyes you can easily see how difficult it is for him to breath…!

Katja and Ljuba dominate the slave together

The slave was relaxing on the couch when Katja and Ljuba went into the room. They cannot believe it – how does he believe he can sit there and do nothing…!? Soon Ljuba keeps him into the chokehold while Katja grabs his hair. It seems that the slave tries to avoid the wrath of the two sexy girls – but he has no chance! Katja takes a rope and now he stops his senseless tries. At the end they bring him down on the ground and choke him. They use their hands and legs to do so… The slave has already surrendered but the two girls have no mercy and won’t stop soon…!

Mercedes surprises her slave…

Mercedes wears some sexy underwear. She looks very hot! Her slave is very happy about the nice view. But he doesn’t know she is going to do… She stands above his body, looks into his face and seems to decide what she shall do next. Then she decides to sit down on him with her sexy ass and to choke him! She buries her fingers deep into his neck and prevents him from breathing! You can have a good view on her sexy body and her tits – but this is nothing the slave can enjoy… He has to think about how he can get some more air! After a while she also decides to use a rope and a whip to further punish him – the slave suffers and has to take it all… But she has a lot of fun!

Leana is very upset because of the useless slave

Leana is extremely angry! This useless piece of shit hasn’t followed her orders! Now he has to take her wrath – This is his fault only! She grabs his neck with a lot of power. You can easily see in her face how angry she is! But she is a little bit crazy too! So she makes fun of him and seems to forget that she wanted to punish him only. With her knee she smothers him and in addition uses her hands to keep his nose and mouth tight. At the end she also uses her boots and puts them down on his neck with power – Next time he will immediately obey her orders…!

Saskia and Angelique choke the slave together

Saskia and Angelique are two young and sexy models. And they always wanted to test something special – they wanted to choke one slave together! The slave already lies on the ground and so the two girls don’t loose anymore time. They use her hands to choke him and grab his neck. In addition they close his nose and mouth, preventing him from getting some fresh air! They have a lot of fun doing so. But they want to humiliate him even further! So Saskia takes one of her sweaty shoes and puts the nose of the slave into the shoe! Their helpless victim has to smell the sweat although he can breath hardly only. And to show him what a loser he is they hold their middle finger into his view…!

Inessa sits down on her slave and chokes him

Inessa wears a really small and tight jeans mini skirt. To round up the nice view she also wears a hot black top. And her tits also look very hot…! But the slave wasn’t allowed to stare so much so she has to punish him now! She tells him that he never do this again without permission. And to teach him a lesson she bows down to grab his neck and to choke him. His eyes look very unhappy but she continues to take him the ability to breath. After a while she also sits down on him spreading her legs and grabs his hair. She makes him to look into her eyes – this way he will learn to follow her orders, that’s sure…!

Hot Jana uses the slave to satisfy her desires

Jana is a really nice and hot girl. And very cute too! But she also likes to choke defenseless slaves and makes fun of them. So she soon sits down on the slave, spreads her legs and grabs the neck of the slave. It is really difficult for him to breath now. But she wants to enjoy every second and see the pain in his face. So she bows down her head and further increases her grip – now she can easily see how much problems he has to breath. But she wants to test some other positions too! So she sits down on his neck with her hot ass too…

Blonde Michelle dominates her helpless victim

Michelle is a sexy young model with long blond hair. She wears some tight jeans and a hot looking top. You can easily see her nice big breasts. She sits down on the slave and presses her knee on his chest. He raises his arms to handle the pain. But you can guess that she wants to have some more fun and that this is the beginning only. So she bows low and starts to choke him with her hands. Her breasts can be seen easier now, but the slave cannot enjoy the nice view. Instead he has to fight for every breath! At the end she also sits down on his neck with her pussy in jeans and humiliates him even further…!

Sexy Jenny stands at the slaves neck

Sexy Jenny is a really hot girl – with a lot of tattoos! She likes a lot of different things to dominate her slaves. This time she wants to prevent her slave from breathing. The slave already lies on the ground in front of her. She starts to sit down on his chest and presents her hot body. You can easily see that she knows how sexy she is! Then she starts to choke the helpless victim. She presses the fingers of her hand deep into his neck. But one hand doesn’t seem to be enough so she uses the other one too. The slave can breath hardly only now but it still looks like she want to increase his pain. So she also uses her feet and puts them on his neck…!

Sarah chokes and strangles the slave

Sarah wants to have some fun today. She wears a hot black dress. She stands above the slave and holds a rope in her hands. The slave awaits her with some fear in his eyes. Soon she sits down on his chest and starts to choke the slave. First she starts with one hand only but then she uses her other hand too. The slave has some problems to breath soon but it seems that it is not enough for her. So she also uses the rope to strangle him…!